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O’Fallon Foundation Repair Services

Bowed Wall Repair

Foundation RepairBasement walls can easily succumb to the weight of your foundation and bend. Such ‘bowed’ walls need to be repaired immediately and if you notice any noticeable signs of your wall bowing, you should contact a foundation repair service provider immediately.

It can often be solved by using a resistant based beam that can restore your foundation to its original state. If you do not take necessary steps it may lead to the collapse of your building.

Foundation Piering

Piering is necessary when the soil that underneath the grounds succumb to pressure and become unstable. In most cases the soil softens due to poor drainage or improper soil management at the time of construction of the house. Piering can often reverse the damage that is done to the foundation very effectively.

Small piers, also known as push piers are driven into the ground beneath the foundation of a building and they help in stabilizing the soil Professional contractors often use this method to repair foundations that are destabilized due to weak soil.

Foundation Leveling

Foundation leveling repairs are necessary if you notice that your foundation has sunk into the ground or has become displaced. Just like the situations which call for piering, foundation leveling can be an alternate solution for houses which have weak soil below the foundation.

Misaligned foundations can often be a result of poor soil conditions or any kind of drainage issues. In some cases it may also be due to roots of trees near your house pushing into your walls. Foundation leveling can be an effective way of restoring the foundation of your house to its original state.

Foundation Sinking

Though foundation sinking may not be a common issue in most modern houses, it a very serious one. If you notice that your foundation is sinking into the ground you should call up a foundation repair specialist immediately so that your foundation can be taken care of.

Most foundation repair companies tend to use helical piers for getting the job done. They use these piers and screw them into the ground using hydraulic tools to ensure the ground stays solid and the foundation is raised and placed on steel brackets.

Basement Wall Bracing

Basement walls are often damaged sue to several reasons. From drainage leaks to soil management problems or even poor construction of the house – there is no telling what’s causing the problems in your basement walls. Mold and mildew can lead to health issue and they can easily be fixed by getting the walls repaired and waterproofed.

Often, anchors are used to straighten bent walls and ensure your foundation’s structure stays intact. In some cases, when the damage to your walls is severe, steel brackets can reverse the effects of the damage.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement repairs can be complicated and it’s very hard to identify settlement problems and some of them may exist without homeowners being able to identify them. You should get your foundation checked on a periodical basis to ensure your foundation is not damaged.

Getting any foundation settlement issues repaired in time is necessary to maintain the value of your house.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Sump Pumps

Foundation WaterproofingSump Pumps are used by basement waterproofing professionals to extract water from the basement of houses. You can either get a hydraulic pump or an electric pump installed in your home. Depending on the water pressured the pumps automatically begin pumping out the water in your home outside and keep your basement free from any water damage.

French Drains

Having a good waterproofing system can help a lot in keeping your basement free from any kind of damage from water and also helps in keeping the foundation of your house intact. French drains have been widely used by homeowners for decades and they are simple yet effective.

Getting your basement waterproofed using a French drain ensures your foundation does not take any kind of damage due to water erosion. There are several French drain types and talking to a professional waterproofing company will allow you to identify one that will be well suited to your home.

Window Wells

Window wells are often considered to be the most cost effective basement repair solutions and it also allows light to come into your basement to ensure that mold or mildew does not form and keeps your basement fresh and clean. Poorly designed basements can easily be fixed by utilizing window wells and also keep dirt away. Getting these semicircular wells installed can be highly effective in keeping your basement dry.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces often tend to eat up a lot of moisture, which in turn tends to damage the foundations of homes. Getting your crawl space encapsulated is one of the best ways to keep your basement waterproof and ensure the health of your family and your house is not threatened.

It your home was built based on support beams it’s quite likely that there is a small amount of gap left in the lower part of the flooring. Defending this portion of the foundation allows you to protect your foundation and remove any moisture that’s likely to crop up.

Concrete Repair Services

Basement Crack Repair

Sealing CracksYour concrete is one of the most important parts of your house and if it suffers damage, so does the health of your house and its real estate value. If you notice any kind of considerable damage in your basement you should contact a professional repair service immediately. Soils often tend to get damaged due to weather conditions or poor drainage or leakages in underground pipes.

Considering that the entire weight of the foundation rests at the bottom of your house, getting basement cracks repaired is a must if you do not want to permanently damage your home’s structure. Some cracks may produce a larger amount of damage than others and it’s important that you contact a professional to evaluate the extent of damage that has already been done.

Leaving these cracks untouched may leave your house prone to collapse during natural calamities.

Mud Jacking

Mud Jacking is an alternative method of slabjacking. This process is also referred to as grouting and is one of the most efficient methods of getting your concrete leveled. One of the biggest problems of having uneven concrete often leads to discrepancies in building codes and you might end up facing lawsuits for not adhering to these codes.

There’s isn’t much to differentiate between mudjacking and slabjacking and both of them are viable options for getting you concrete repaired.

Slab Jacking

It is often considered to be one of the best solutions to uneven concrete levels. Concrete often has to go through a lot and if you feel that your concrete has become prone to wear and tear lately then slabjacking can help preserve the concrete. It is also known to be one of the most cost effective solutions and this method is used across industries, airports and more and can be a great solution for your home as well.


Leaks in concrete can be a major problem and can lead to health hazards over time. It mostly happens due to water pipe leaks and it’s essential that you get these issues at the earliest. One of the safest and most effective methods is tuckpointing and it can serve as a viable solution by blocking any kind of leaks completely, preventing damage to your concrete as well as help you preserve the safety of your drinking water.

Concrete leaks can spread to other areas over time and tuckpointing can prevent any further damage without you having to spend excessively on repairs.

Ceiling Cracks

Leveling FoundationCeiling cracks can be dangerous and it’s important that you get these issues addressed at the earliest. It can often be caused by repeated natural calamities or simply poor construction of the house. If you feel that your ceiling is leaking then you should call up a concrete repair service and get it repaired before any kind of health hazards or injuries occur.

Street Creep

Street creep is often caused due to thermal contraction and it’s quite likely that it occurs if you live in an area where fluctuations in temperatures are common. Concrete is just like any other material and it can easily expand and contract due to extreme shifts in temperature. It’s important that you get any street creep problems repaired as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your family and others who use the concrete pathways of your home.

Sinking Porch Repair

A sinking porch is an inevitable problem if the soil conditions beneath your house are damaged. Soil erosion can cause your house to sink and if you notice that your porch is displaced you should get it repaired as soon as possible.

A sinking porch not only damages the foundation but also affects the aesthetics of your house. If you do not want the real estate value of your house to go down significantly then you should get your concrete repaired.

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