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O'Fallon Foundation Piering

O’Fallon Foundation Piering

O'Fallon Foundation Repair ExpertsYour house ‘s basis is exposed to all sorts of structural issues. One such issue is changing. As the ground around and under it transforms, constructions become misaligned, walls begin to buckle as well as the cellar might begin leaking. Fortunately, a technique called foundation piering can correct these problems and get your house into excellent condition.

The best way to Tell Should You Have A Need For Foundation Piering

Most homes will experience some base motion at some point. When it occurs, it’s typically followed by a variety of symptoms indoors as well as beyond your residence. Your foundation might want piering if:

  • There are cracks in your cellar, brickwork and base walls
  • Base walls are bowed

Reasons for Foundation Shifting

The primary causes of your basis switching are dryness and water in the surrounding land. When the ground below the base is dry, it is going to shrink over time. This event causes the supporting land to be shaky as well as the basis to change.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, wet ground might be an issue too. Because of this, fractures, leakages and sinking might happen.

Even though the difficulties due to dry or wet ground could be redressed if they’re small, some basis dilemmas are only able to be be fixed by installing piers.

Installing a base pier is an easy process in theory. In practice, nevertheless, it needs the expertise of engineers and experienced contractors. This is why homeowners shouldn’t try piering at house.


The function of a pier would be to modify the support of the foundation. To put it differently, a house supported by shaky soil will soon be moved on to a metal pier to re-establish firmness.

Piering also restores the construction of damaged bases.


  1. To put in a pier, sod and earth throughout the house is removed to expose the basis of the base.
  2. Heavy duty mounts are positioned in the base foothold to give support.
  3. In case it passes the test, mounts are locked in, tube is lost and hole is backfilled.

Many engineers choose this approach as it’s easy and dependable.

Call O’Fallon Foundation Repair Services today for a free estimate: (636) 352-1230

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