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Foundation Repair in O’Fallon, MO

O’Fallon Foundation Repair offers a range of solutions for your foundation issues, and as the foundation of you home is an essential structural component of your property it is highly recommended that you maintain it with foundation repairs if you see any of the signs. If you find that your property has any of the following, it may be time for you to call in the professionals at O’Fallon Foundation Repair for a free quote:

• Floors or counters are sloped at an angle
• You see spots or discolouration
• Doors sticking when open/closed
• Cracks in you walls

If you see any cracks that emit water or vary in width depending on temperature/humidity this is a structural problem that requires your attention.

Cracks in your walls and sloped floors may do not have to pose a structural problem for foundation repair to be a good option to consider, as these problems can be displeasing eyesores on your property and these problems can (and likely will) grow over time if not seen to, so for structural integrity to be maintained repairing is key.

Foundation repairs are essential if you are attempting to sell your house at any time in the future so repairing the foundations of your house before structural damage gets worse over time is imperative. Houses with possible structural issues don’t sell very well and can cause bigger problems and occur bigger costs over time, so make sure to have a O’Fallon Foundation Repair professional take a look and give a free quote just to be safe!

Methods of Foundation Repair

Methods of repair for cracks in your foundation walls includes the use of clay wall sealants (sealing outdoor cracks to prevent outside cracks from letting water into your property and causing damage to the base) and/or epoxy/urethane sealants (sealing indoor cracks to prevent water leaking). For land levelling issues, concrete may be injected under your property to lift it to the correct level and ensure no further base shifting (called slabjacking). A shifting base may also be fixed using piers and anchors. Piers and anchors can be maintained/fixed when required and can support a lot of structural weight, so are very popular for fixing a shifting base issue.


Basement Waterproofing

It is common that property owners will ignore the problem of a wet basement for fear of a high cost, or will try to fix it themselves to be economically, but it is highly recommended that you get a seasoned professional to prevent any further damage and costs such as an O’Fallon professional, who will provide a free quote and consultation for you to provide you with the most appropriate and efficient solution.

A wet basement can provide a range of problems, from health and safety issues (mold and fungi loves wet enviorments!) and driving up your heating prices to severe, dangerous structural problems arising over time by continual water damage to the base. Fixing the problem most of the time requires a professional such as the experienced professionals here at O’Fallon, as the problems can often be elusive and hard to find. Dealing with the problem realitively quickly is important, as the price gets higher the longer the problem persists and the value of your property can be compromised seriously by this problem. Cracks in the walls (possibly from foundation problems, see foundational repairs) can often cause this problem in your basement , and these leakages can often occur at the cove and mortar joints in your base wall.

Once you have had a free quote and inspection by an O’Fallon Foundation Repair professional, we may suggest one of the following solutions we provide depending on what we discover. For leaking cracks in the base wall epoxy/urethane sealants may be used to seal off cracks, and urethane can contract with a wall if the problem is caused by a shifting base. Subsoil Membrane may be used, to provide a barrier between the soil and the base and prevent moisture from the soil creaking a wet basement and a sump pump may be implemented if the professional things it is necessary.

So, make sure not to leave the problem unattended and call in an O’Fallon professional. The damage and costs are greater if you ignore the problem, so get it fixed early!


Concrete Repair

O’Fallon’s range of solutions for your concrete repair needs is always aiming to meet and exceed industry standards. O’Fallon aims to provide long term durability and guides our customers through the process of diagnosis, repair and protection with a free quote from a seasoned O’Fallon professional. Problems that require concrete repair can be caused by building defects, age related deterioration or other variables and so it may be necessary to have these repairs in order to prolong the life of the structure.

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